stakeholders and researchers
advancing medical cannabis by
championing their work, and
patients by answering their
questions, helping them
address challenges and
navigate medical cannabis


the general public about
medical cannabis and the
patient experience


for patients and help them to
advocate for themselves with
stakeholders, health care
professionals, government and
the general public


Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) is a federal non-profit, non-partisan, patient run organization.

Our mission is to put patients first. We are dedicated to improving the outcomes of medical cannabis patients and enabling them to obtain fair, safe and affordable access to their treatment.

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'Anyone w/ CannTrust product shouldn't fear legal consequences; the law only forbids possession of illicit cannabis "that they know is illicit."'

"No one who purchased from the (OCS) or a licensed retailer would have known it was illicit," - @trinafraser

@CFAMMcan Reminder to all patients- no need to call a clinic or your doctor to switch- simply email the LP and request to transfer to a new LP of your choosing. Canntrust is prepared for this and has been working to dibthis within a few hours

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