Patients Working Together to Ensure Fair Access

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana

Our Mission

We believe that when medically indicated, cannabis/marijuana should be: accessible, safe, affordable, reliable, and equally recognized as a prescription medication.

  • Read James O’Hara’s personal cannabis story in this issue of Insights, titled Making Access Happen. Click on the link below to view an excerpt from the most recent issue of Insights Magazine.

  • Stats Can is gathering and displaying pricing data on both medical and non-medical cannabis. It’s useful and we’re hoping the next iteration will also enable the display of medical-only pricing for medical patients so if you have a few moments, add your prices in! Available in both English and French here: English: French:

  • Stats Can is providing a useful hub of cannabis information according to topics including Health, Justice, Economy, and Prices. See here in both English and French: English: French:

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