The Future of Cannabidiol as a Possible Antibiotic

The Future of Cannabidiol as a Possible Antibiotic

Good news! According to research, cannabidiol is active against bacteria that are “Gram-positive,” which is responsible for many infections. It has been said that its potency is similar to established antibiotics. 

Dr. Blaskovich led a team of researchers to investigate the uses of synthetic cannabidiol in treating a wide variety of skin conditions. They did so by testing out CBD against some staphylococcus strains. 

They found out that cannabidiol effectively killed antibiotic-resistant bacteria by comparing its effectiveness with commonly used antibiotics such as daptomycin and vancomycin. While the latter killed the bacteria within 6-8 hours, cannabidiol did the same in only 3 hours.  

The company believes that cannabidiol shows excellent potential as a future antibiotic, considering its anti-inflammatory effects that have already been proven before. Also, there are existing data available regarding its safety for human consumption. 

Cannabidiol also didn’t lose its effectiveness despite extended exposure to bacteria. Apart from that, it was also able to disrupt biofilms. This bacteria growth form leads to infections that are hard to treat. 

Another research also discovered that antibiotics combined with CBD work better than treatments using antibiotics alone. 

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