Individualized Insurance Educational Program

About the program

What do we do?

In partnership with licensed producers, CFAMM’s Individualized Insurance Educational Program educates patients with pre-existing private extended health benefits. Through personalized education and information, we enable patients to advocate to their respective stakeholders including plan sponsors/employers, administrators, and insurers to obtain coverage.

Who does it help?

Patients selected by our LP partners and CFAMM will be able to receive individualized education. People selected for support must have pre-existing private insurance coverage offered by 3rd party, such as an employer.

Due to the size of the program, only a limited number of patients will be able to receive support. We are hopeful these selected cases will allow for all patients easier access to coverage.

Why we're doing it

Affordability is one of the biggest difficulties patients face when accessing medical cannabis. Since early 2015, CFAMM has been providing education on advocating for medical cannabis insurance coverage. Through partnerships with licensed producers, we are now able to increase capacity to help educate more patients who wish to receive coverage for medical cannabis under their pre-existing private extended health plans. 
This program is just one element of CFAMM’s ongoing advocacy to gain access to affordable medicine and universal cost-coverage for all patients.

Is there anything I can do myself to get coverage?

Absolutely! Please see our resource page on private insurance coverage advocacy.

What about public cost coverage, like ODSP and AISH?

Public coverage is much different than private coverage. We’re working on ways to achieve cost coverage through public funding, so please remember to join CFAMM to stay tuned of any updates.

How can I find out more?

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Licensed Producer Partners